Chief Architect & Founder

Warmy Lee

Chief Architect and Founder Warmy Lee is a Registered Architect in NSW, Australia and holds a bachelor degree with honours in architecture from the University of Newcastle, Australia in 2001. Over the past 19 years, he has been working on a wide range of project types across the residential, commercial, industrial, retail and health projects. Prior to establishing private practice, he involved in numerous national and international design competitions such as the Victoria Park Development Competition with Australian institute of Architects Gold Medallist winner, Lindsay and Kerry Clare, 1 Bligh Street Office Tower (CTBUH 2012 Best Tall Building Award) and Westfield Sydney City Design Competititon with Architectus, Sydney and Ingenhoven Architects, Germany. In recent years, he starts involving on urban renewal, commercial and residential projects in China. 


設計總監及創辦人李敏聰先生,在2001年畢業於澳洲紐卡素大學並取得建築學榮譽學士學位,及後成為澳洲新南威爾斯省 註册建築師。擁有超過19年建築設計及室內設計工作經驗,曾參與及完成項目包括高級住宅、辦公室、工業建築、購物商場、 醫療和康健設施等。在成立康納斯建築設計之前,曾跟國際著名建築大師如澳大利亞的 Lindsay and Karry Clare 和 德國的 Ingenhoven Architects參與建築設計競投項目。其中跟Ingenhoven Architects 更勇奪在悉尼的1 Bligh Street 高層 商業建築項目,此項目在2012年奪得南半球最佳高層商業建築奬項。近期李敏聰先生在中國主力參與老舊小區重建、商業和 住宅設計項目。



Archer Lee

Chief Architect and Partner Archer Lee is a Class 1 Registered Architect in PRC & Guangdong Province and holds a bachelor degree in architecture from National Wuhan University in 1997. Over the past  20 years, he has been working on a wide range of project types across the residential, commercial and  industrial projects. Archer also has profound knowledge in chinese callgraphy and hand painting. 

Chief Architect & Partner



設計總監及合夥人李貽傳先生,廣州本地資深高級建築師,國家注冊城市規劃師,1997年畢業於國立武漢大學獲建築學學士學位。 擁有超過20年國內設計大院工作資歷,在辦公樓、住宅小區、工業建築、商業建築等方面具有豐富經驗。同時擅長於書法, 手繪方面。

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